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Open Colony believes a cross-cultural dialogue between industry, academic, HR, and recruiting executives is essential to innovate the disciplines of executive search, business, organizational design, work culture, and talent-driven strategy. The Salon is a forum and resource for all things WORK, why we do it, how we do it, who we do it with, and why. Our trusted Salon members are the industry's leading thinkers. Salon membership is by invitation only, but the Salon’s collective contributions are open to everyone. Research, writers and technology partners will evolve, but the spirit remains the same: create curious, industry-impacting conversations about important issues impacting our careers, companies, and industries.

Please contact us for suggestions on content, research, or new locations you’d like us to include or if you are interested in our Cultural Ambassador program.

Salon Rules of Engagement:

Members may post, comment, ask fellow members of The Salon a question, reach out to other members directly when they have shared contact information and interests, participate in events, post videos and much more. Though steeped in business, the Salon is not meant as a transactional space for business. Please keep in mind that while the Salon offers the opportunity to interact with a broad range of executives and talent, it is not meant for solicitation or posting of jobs or services.

Have fun!

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