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Introducing Member: Aimee Cardwell


Company: eBay Inc./PayPal
Position: Director of Mobile Strategy
Country: USA
State: WA
City: Seattle
Cultural Ambassador:
Interests: Design (Visual, Interactive, UXD, Environmental), Technology,

Questions and Answers

What will you say about the work you've done at the end of your career?

Wait, is my career going to end?!

Where do you go for inspiration?

My colleagues and friends provide endless inspiration. Just asking a question provides a flow of answers that I never expected, and that can take my thinking in new directions.

How do you build resilience into your work & company?

Make the architecture as flexible as possible without endangering the product or delivery date. But be realistic. Nothing we're building in the Mobile can't (or in many cases shouldn't) be rebuilt in 3-5 years, so don't get too attached.

What keeps you up at night?

Dance parties.

What gets you up in the morning?

I work with the smartest, coolest, best people ever. I wake up eager to talk to them, ask questions, and offer suggestions.

How is your work cross-cultural?

I don't really think of my work in this way. It's more about the task than the person doing the task. The platform is the same.


I help companies develop mobile applications that are more useful to their customers than an app version of their website. Like travel apps designed to help the user DURING the trip and commerce apps that help the user decide when/where/what to buy, my aim is to make mobile applications as personal and useful as the devices they reside on.

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