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Introducing Member: Daniel Friedman


Company: Self Employed
Position: LEED Consultant/Architect
Country: USA
State: NY
City: New York
Cultural Ambassador: yes
Interests: Biomimicry, Cross-Cultural Business, Design (Visual, Interactive, UXD, Environmental), Sustainable models for business, design and development, Start-Ups, Technology, Writing

Questions and Answers

What will you say about the work you've done at the end of your career?

I'll say I was a pioneer, a proactive innovator in an innovative world; that my thoughts and ideas and decisions made a significant and indelible mark on our collective consciousness; that I was person who profited from his goodness, both spiritually and financially; that I helped others reach their creative potential and they, mine.

Where do you go for inspiration?

With eyes wide, I find it everywhere: listening to a podcast about polymer plastics while riding the subway inspires fantastic thoughts of plastic subway cars. I believe inspiration's the unexpected, emergent offspring of intermarrying obscure and unrelated ideas.

How do you build resilience into your work & company?

We can't predict the future. It's impossible to forecast which and when ideas will transform consumer expectations and, hence, our business product. Instead of anticipating what's ahead, I anticipate that what's ahead will be completely different from the world we know today. Expecting the business landscape to continually change allows my business to remain innovative and resilient.

What keeps you up at night?

Ideas. I keep a notebook at my bedside to capture them.

What gets you up in the morning?

Deadlines with teeth.

How is your work cross-cultural?

The technologies and ideas pursued are based upon global concepts and, as a designer and a consultant, it's essential I learn from an array of different disciplines to enhance the effectiveness of my own.


I take high-energy, consumptive buildings and make them environmentally sustainable. By demonstrating improvements in occupant health, reductions in energy costs, heightened corporate stewardship and available tax incentives, my business strategy takes a holistic approach to improving the built environment.

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