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Introducing Member: Naomi Stanford


Company: Naomi Stanford LLC
Position: Consultant
Country: USA
State: DC
City: Washington
Cultural Ambassador: yes
Interests: Cross-Cultural Business, Organizational Design, Sustainable models for business, design and development, Writing,

Questions and Answers

What will you say about the work you've done at the end of your career?

Who knows, I certainly don't? It depends how I continue to define career and what is 'the end'.

Where do you go for inspiration?

For a run along the Capital Crescent Trail.

How do you build resilience into your work & company?

In my view resilience is not something that can be 'built in' to work or companies. Rather it is a personal quality that individuals develop as they successfully meet with circumstances and experiences that are out of their previous range.

What keeps you up at night?

Taking a red eye flight.

What gets you up in the morning?

My alarm clock going off.

How is your work cross-cultural?

All work is cross cultural. Just by mixing with people from different backgrounds, educational level, political differences, different age ranges, etc one is crossing cultures.


All sorts of stuff around the connections between the business model, business strategy, and design/culture/development of an organization.

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