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Open Colony is based in San Francisco, California.

When you engage us you engage our network: a global community of people who exist on the terra firma of the web—an ecosystem of our words, ideas, pursuits, objects, and locations. We are on a journey. We work online: a vast network of people, ideas, locations, and interactions that shape who we are and how we work. Our colony is wired, working out of Tokyo, London, New York City, Palo Alto, Boulder, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Kinshasha, Copenhagen, and many other cities of the world.

Our founder splits her time between Missoula, Montana (the big sky helps her think) and San Francisco (the home of digital innovation), We screen our tremendous talent in person and set up shop on location as necessary. We also love plane rides, particularly to Shanghai.

Open Colony
2120 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704