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The best work and culture come out of open-minded discussions, and sometimes from healthy disagreement.

Building a company is a sensitive, complex undertaking involving people of many disciplines and aptitudes. Adding a new person or role to a company can require the ability to challenge pre-existing notions. Roles, values, business and organizational dependencies can be murky at the outset of a search, so defining and fostering them is critical to a company’s success.

Open Colony is here to discover shared values and universal aspirations to make the most out of what’s possible. Open minds, open hearts, working together towards a common goal.

Open Colony Services

For Individuals

  • Career assessments
  • Job assessments
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career narrative, asset and portfolio design
  • Events
  • Networking

For Companies

  • Executive search
  • Company assessments
  • Executive + innovation team recruitment
  • Executive assessments
    • Domain expertise
    • T-shaped
    • Multicultural
    • Interpersonal
    • Leadership
  • Interim COO + Operations
  • HR scorecards and performance models
  • Organizational design
  • Product, service and experience strategy + design
  • Qualitative and quantitative tools for sustainable innovation management.
  • Research
  • Vendor Management