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What will you say about the work you've done at the end of your career?

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Posted by Scott Wilker

I followed my vision, called the hard questions and used art and science to work on really hard public problems. I'm proud my projects affected thousands of lives. I used my gifts, which I didn't always understand, to create new and effective solutions. I had a lot of guts, took big risks and somehow found the power to go for it way ahead of the curve.

Posted by Andrea Schneider

Let it speak for itself. If it's done, great. If it lives on, better.

Posted by Aram Armstrong

I hope to have devoted my life to fighting for more sustainable and human-centered ways of incorporating technology into our lives.

Posted by Marc Escobosa

that beautiful ideas became matter

Posted by Marcelo Marer

I've had the privilege to interact, lead and create with many talented people. I trust that our time together has changed things for somebody somewhere and they will be inspired to continue in that effort.

Posted by Dorian Sweet


Posted by Owen Thomas

I hope to leave this world a better place. To me that can take many forms: Encouraging more people to find their true passion and or to monetize it. Improving their skill/offering with a new or different viable business/ product/ service/ or experience model. Motivating them to create and deliver meaningful results. In all of the above, my hope is that my clients, students, tenants, and employees better themselves personally , professionally, and/ or financially and that we all leave the world a better place - however THEY define that.

Posted by Michele Ronsen

I hope to say that I was fortunate enough to explore many avenues of my profession, have no regrets and evolve with the ever changing world to create rich and diverse experiences through collaboration.

Posted by Marla Aufmuth

We would all like to say that you worked on something that "saved the world". However, not everyone can end up with a career like that. Regardless, it would be nice to say that I worked on projects that impacted society (for the better, I hope) and helped in the progression of technology in our lives.

Posted by Keath Chan

I hope to follow in the footsteps of my dear 93-year-old friend, Birger Juell, who was creatively on fire and full of life until the very end. I plan to keep learning, stay young at heart, and ultimately contribute something positive wherever life takes me.

Posted by Jill Dryer

I will ask myself: did I make an impact, did I change things for the better, was I passionate about what I did, did I have fun and did I build great relationships along the way? If the answer to all five questions is yes then I will have succeeded.

Posted by Mark Schermers

I will say I am fortunate enough to do many, many different things in my career. I've had no regrets and that I followed my own vision. That when people told me "no" I found a way to do it anyhow. That hopefully when I moved on to a new place I left the old one for the better. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, the connections I made with people were lasting and sincere.

Posted by Joe Bartolucci

It was really fun getting to know and work with so many amazing people. I hope you enjoy the retrospective. I think the soundtrack really pulls it all together nicely, don't you?

Posted by John Alderman

It made a difference.

Posted by Kate Holmes

I hope to say that I've had a career rich and diverse in experiences. I hope to say that I've been intellectually challenged and grown beyond what I thought possible. Ultimately, I hope to say that I've helped people - whether that's in motivating them to strive for a job/career that they're passionate about or in providing companies with exceptional talent.

Posted by Larisa Dzwonczyk

Variety is the spice of life. I always followed my instincts with projects and constantly tried to let my practice be influenced by others outside my field and learn from them.

I solved some LITTLE problems that affected LARGE segments of the population

I helped more people be happy because of the work they do.

Posted by Josh Levine

I hope I will still be able to say what I'm proud to say today... That I've worked with amazingly talented people, contributing to meaningful and impactuful ideas across a rich spectrum of subjects.

Posted by Guthrie Dolin

Who knows, I certainly don't? It depends how I continue to define career and what is 'the end'.

Posted by Naomi Stanford

It was a long tough journey, but worth it.

Posted by Michael Crane

Wait, is my career going to end?!

Posted by Aimee Cardwell

If I succeed, I'd hope people would say that I provided value, that I always strove for the most elegant, simple solution, that my knowledge was broad enough to match the right person, tool, or technology up to the need, and deep enough to build a world-class solution with those resources. Most importantly, I'd hope to be remembered as someone who took care of what matters most -- the people involved in the work.

Posted by rICh Morrow

That I was able to make designers and engineers play nice together and make cool stuff along the way.

Posted by Jef Bekes

I'll say I was a pioneer, a proactive innovator in an innovative world; that my thoughts and ideas and decisions made a significant and indelible mark on our collective consciousness; that I was person who profited from his goodness, both spiritually and financially; that I helped others reach their creative potential and they, mine.

Posted by Daniel Friedman

...that I have personally had an impact on an idea or product that has changed the world.

Posted by Neil Liang

Wow.I made all that?

Posted by Andrea Jenkins

The cities I have worked in do a better job of meeting the needs of the people who live there than they did before.

Posted by Sarah Patrick

Hopefully, that it had an impact on people's lives beyond selling them something.

Posted by Stephen Fritz

I do believe in the value of the journey, not the destination. So, I’d hope that my retrospective would reveal a healthy dose of constant learning and challenge, success and failure, and good friends along the way. I doubt I will remember the “jobs” themselves (already forgotten a few.)

Posted by Steven Spieczny

Good question! (seriously) - I'd like to look back on it as being a healthy blend of technology innovation (theory and practice) enabling the creation of engaging, compelling transmedia narratives with an artistic / creative element (in my spare time, I'm executive producing a documentary and companion music soundtrack).

Posted by Will Kreth

I've worked hard, had fun and helped change the world.

I've tried to develop products and write books that affect relatively small numbers of people in important ways.

Posted by Patrick Coffey

I hope that I can say that I built teams that functioned and scaled without me.

Posted by Elena Haliczer

what a ride!

Posted by Vince Santo

I hope I was never boring.

Posted by Chris Tacy

Thank god, I can finally sleep now that I'm dead.

Posted by Valerie Hoecke

It wasn't the work I expected to do. It was more interesting, challenging and rewarding. Somewhere along the way it contributed and created value.

Posted by Paul Gladen

That magic can happen when you strive to understand what makes people tick and can get the right people excited about what's possible.

Posted by Jo Foster

Posted by Lauren

I had fun doing it. I learned a lot. I taught a lot. It made me think. It made others think. It made my life better. It made other lives better. I loved it. They loved it.

Posted by Gui Borchert

I hope I'll say I'm humbly proud and have inspired others in some way.

Posted by Matt Helland

I will say that I am proud of my accomplishments, that I made a difference, and that I had a positive influence on many other lives.

Posted by Eric Tam

I strove to do work that reflects the passion I have for entertainment, technology, design and art. Work that has a galvanizing and positive effect on the world. (I'm striving in any case.)

Posted by John Couch

I have been blessed with opportunities to work in many places and with many people in ways that reflect my values and give meaning to my life. After thirty years I am still excited about my work and still learning.

Posted by Ellen Coffey

I was there! I lived through it! And (hopefully) I played some small role in making it better.

Posted by Karen McGrane

I'll probably say that it looks really dated! :-) But I also hope to look back and be able to see that I made a difference in someone's life. Great design and effectiveness are important in the moment, but human experiences are what matter long term. I'll be happy if I can look back and know that my work made someone's experience more enjoyable or rewarding.

Posted by Sasha Koren

Functional communication design that resonates with my intended audience. What more could one ask for?

Posted by Todd Patrick

I impacted a lot of people in very positive ways and made the world easier to live in. I created large amounts of value for the companies and consumers that took advantage of the products I build. The world is a better place because of the things I built.

Posted by John Shiple

I will say that we, my colleagues and I, had tremendous fun, were steeped in art, language and technology, made significant contributions to culture, in particular the culture of work, and demonstrated great leaps of faith.

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