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Where do you go for inspiration?

I am inspired every day. Every person and company has a problem that begs for a solution, or in need of a better way to accomplish a goal. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open, be creative with the resources available to you, and prioritize.

Posted by Scott Wilker

Anywhere people are having smart conversations. I am also inspired by little babies and animals.

Posted by Andrea Schneider

To bed. Sleep on it, it will come to you.

Posted by Aram Armstrong

For a run.

Posted by Marc Escobosa

i like quiet places

Posted by Marcelo Marer

Bath. Bus. Bed. (Historically proven to be the best place for mental insights to occur)

Posted by Dorian Sweet

Jack Early Park.

Posted by Owen Thomas

My kitchen. Love to cook and host. My alma maters - the Academy of Art. It's great to be a part of an ongoing creative community. And the California College of Arts. My Sustainability work and the people I met there changed me forever. Which leads me to my friends - I am so fortunate to have a kind, forthcoming, and talented network. I if don't know someone I know someone who knows someone. And I ask. I love to connect. My husband. He thinks completely differently and is a great person to bounce ideas off of. I also walk a lot. And ask "WHY NOT?" a lot. The answers often yield great inspiration!

Posted by Michele Ronsen

On long urban and nature walks to see what is happening on the street, in the stores, and in the world.

Posted by Marla Aufmuth

I do a lot of web surfing. There are times when I don't really have a purpose and I let my browsing take me from page to page to page. Sometimes even the more random site can be the source of inspiration.

Posted by Keath Chan

My favorite inspirations lately come from my 2-year old son who sees everything magically. We watch ants and speculate on what they're doing (going out for pizza? going to a party? looking for ice cream?); we stick our hands and feet in dirt, paint, water to see what it feels like; we get really excited every morning when the sun comes up and every night when the moon comes out. We sing made-up songs and play wooden spoon rock guitars and it takes my brain in new directions.

Posted by Jill Dryer

I love to wander the streets of places I haven't been before. I read through history and design books and have conversations with new and old friends. I also find that going for a run or a motorcycle ride usually does the trick if I'm particularly stumped.

Posted by Mark Schermers

Architecture and interior design.

Posted by Joe Bartolucci

To a deep place that I can get to either with collaborators, personal introspection, or a stream of sources that I work hard to keep coming. I am a strong believer in personal cultivation. I like to mix more long-term commitment, with more unexpected inputs to see what comes out.

Posted by John Alderman

Anywhere and everywhere in the Mission.... the greatest open air public art project in the country.

Posted by Kate Holmes

Running! Golden Gate Park, Marina Green, Presidio, Embarcadero.

Posted by Larisa Dzwonczyk

My peers, walking in London, the internet.

My kids, my friends, my family, people around, people before us... The stuff they do and make.


Posted by Josh Levine

I go home to my family. I go to divine sanctuaries of nature and art. I go deep into the heart of popular culture. I go within myself for the immutable truths.

Posted by Guthrie Dolin

For a run along the Capital Crescent Trail.

Posted by Naomi Stanford

1) To the shower or a pool - water has an amazing inspirational power for me. 2) For a long run outside - natural stimuli at a moving pace triggers ideas for me. If I add water, that is, run in the rain, even more powerful! 3) Trip to the bookstore. Pick a section, pick a book, open a chapter. Always fun.

Posted by Michael Crane

My colleagues and friends provide endless inspiration. Just asking a question provides a flow of answers that I never expected, and that can take my thinking in new directions.

Posted by Aimee Cardwell

Talks with my 5 year old daughter can be pretty profound -- If we could all learn to live in the moment like a 5 year old this would be an amazing world.

Posted by rICh Morrow

First, I turn off the computer. After staring at a computer screen all day, I gain the most clarity and inspiration from interacting with real objects, whether in the garden, kitchen, or finding an excuse to break out the power tools.

Posted by Jef Bekes

With eyes wide, I find it everywhere: listening to a podcast about polymer plastics while riding the subway inspires fantastic thoughts of plastic subway cars. I believe inspiration's the unexpected, emergent offspring of intermarrying obscure and unrelated ideas.

Posted by Daniel Friedman

- Things that remind me of where I've come from: heritage, life paths, culture. - Travel that allows me to observe new cultures - People whom I respect and admire

Posted by Neil Liang

I find inspiration in yoga classes, traveling to foreign lands, in music, culture and the arts, and in other creative people.

Posted by Andrea Jenkins

Busy city streets, parks and plazas and, when I can, wide, wild open spaces.

Posted by Sarah Patrick

Right outside...

Posted by Stephen Fritz

Anything involving my 2 and 4 year old children, Alek & Ana. Their eyes, their world… Large, empty rooms (put a piano or guitar in them, and I’m deadly) Edmund Morris’, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. I re-read a chapter when I feel things closing in. That man was a tornado.

Posted by Steven Spieczny

To a shower and a cup of coffee (AM) black tea (PM). To 2 to 3 am in the morning, where ideas are easier to see the possibilities of. Traveling on business - that last meal of the day at the hotel is a time for making notes and inspired to-do list items. To my Netflix account to watch an inspiring documentary. To great writers and designers.

Posted by Will Kreth

It's not where I go, it's what I do and that changes often. Yesterday it was a visit to the Georgia O'Keefe museum in Santa Fe with my kids, tomorrow it will be taking photos in Times Square and meeting up with a business partner to talk about her trip to India.

I read--mostly authors from the Western canon. Favorites are Joyce, Tolstoy, Farrell, Twain. Modern favorites are William Boyd, Anthony Burgess, Thomas Pynchon, Jonathon Lethem.

Posted by Patrick Coffey

Inspiration comes from outside. We tend to get into industry silos, each of us reading the same material, and going to the same meetups. Our ideas start looking the same because we're all addressing the same set of problems from the same starting point. In order to get a fresh perspective on solutions, and even the set of problems that exist, I read widely, talk to strangers, and listen to the experts from industries outside of tech and startups.

Posted by Elena Haliczer

mountain climbing, long and strenuous hikes and long and slow 10+ mile runs in central park.

Posted by Vince Santo

Inspiration tends to find me - and I find it hard to seek it out. That being said, the most common locations for inspiration to find me are in the forest, driving and (stereotypically) in the shower.

Posted by Chris Tacy

I like to follow links from my friends and network on facebook and twitter. They are wonderful curators who share great design, great food, deep thinking, a love of competition, and challenging political questions. I find consumer behaviors across place, both physical geography and cultural geographies, very intellectually stimulating. People amaze me - how they construct meaning, how they interact with one another, how they adopt brands to express themselves, and how they choose to live their lives.

Posted by Valerie Hoecke

I wouldn't say I go looking for inspiration I usually just stumble upon it. If your work and life has variety and change, inspiration will put in an appearance.

Posted by Paul Gladen

To bed! My brain seems to work best around 3am in the morning when it's had time to ponder on a problem and stew on it for a while.

Posted by Jo Foster

Posted by Lauren

The most unexpected places. I try to get away as far as possible from where I would normally go. It's usually where the best ideas hide.

Posted by Gui Borchert

The world is such a vast place that I simply don't believe people can run out of inspiration. I look to artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, thinkers, cooks; just about anyone trying to build off of tradition and further culture.

Posted by Matt Helland

Sometimes I go online, sometimes I go for a drive. Sometimes, I find inspiration while walking the dog. And SOMETIMES, I find inspiration just talking to other people!

Posted by Eric Tam

Contemporary museums, the Internet, Tokyo at night, Kyoto farmhouses, Paris, the backyard, my wife, my daughter.

Posted by John Couch

I turn to the people closest to me first and then to others in the widening circle of relationships around me. I walk in the woods and work in my sculpture studio for quiet inspiration.

Posted by Ellen Coffey


Posted by Karen McGrane

Places where I can get out of my own head, like BAM. I usually start out researching like a maniac, but that blocks me. By going to a performance, I'm forced to sit and 'feel' something beautiful for an uninterrupted period of time and my mind just races in 1000 directions and I'm able to solve my biggest creative problems.

Posted by Sasha Koren

My headphones, the theatre balcony, the tranquil riverside, the devil's crossroads. Anywhere with my wife and kids. The wide community of design talent at my browser's address bar.

Posted by Todd Patrick

A few places...I go to my "Techie Things I Like" tab in netvibes (my RSS reader of choice). I also started a networking group of high-end, technically oriented builders and doers. We meet monthly, and that's a great resource for bouncing ideas around. Lastly, I just relax...most of the good ideas come then, anyways.

Posted by John Shiple

Craggy Limestone Mountain Tops, City Streets, My Kitchen Chopping Block, River Banks, Markets, Benches, Friends, Family, Art Shows and Books.

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