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What keeps you up at night?

Thoughts of my children.

Posted by Scott Wilker

Deep concern about our changing social and political context. The disappearance of our social contract and the rapid nature of this change.

Posted by Andrea Schneider

People who sleep very well.

Posted by Aram Armstrong

The financial unsustainability of modern life in a major city.

Posted by Marc Escobosa

coffee and chocolate after 6 pm

Posted by Marcelo Marer

People in other times zones wanting to talk.

Posted by Dorian Sweet


Posted by Owen Thomas

i sleep pretty well ;)

Posted by Michele Ronsen

Not much, I sleep well.

Posted by Marla Aufmuth

In the summer time, mosquitoes ... All year long, what lies ahead the day after..

Posted by Keath Chan

Endless lists...things I'm dreaming of doing and sometimes just simple things that I can't manage to cram into a jam-packed day.

Posted by Jill Dryer

The trials and tribulations of making my ideas see the light of day...

Posted by Mark Schermers

Melting polar ice caps.

Posted by Joe Bartolucci


Posted by John Alderman

My Kindle.

Posted by Kate Holmes

So much! Generally the "little things" - unsettling emails received that day, unfinished things at work, etc.

Posted by Larisa Dzwonczyk

Not much, I'm a deep sleeper.


Meaningful client work.

Posted by Josh Levine

Self-reflection (and occasionally a good old movie).

Posted by Guthrie Dolin

Taking a red eye flight.

Posted by Naomi Stanford

Either too much coffee during the day or thinking about what is next on my journey for personal development.

Posted by Michael Crane

Dance parties.

Posted by Aimee Cardwell

The insomnia has abated for some time... but I often have lucid dreams which put complex problems into abstract concepts that my mind can work through. I've solved many a dilemma (work or personal) in my sleep. ...that's the long answer. Short answer is -- I try not to worry & just keep focused on the solution... everything always works out in the best possible way once that rule is respected.

Posted by rICh Morrow

The feeling that either I'm not doing enough or that I've taken on too much. That, and my DVR.

Posted by Jef Bekes

Ideas. I keep a notebook at my bedside to capture them.

Posted by Daniel Friedman

- What the competition is doing better - Hiring the best talent - Clients' success

Posted by Neil Liang

Interior design ideas and my wish list from DWR.

Posted by Andrea Jenkins

Figuring out how to change what can be changed for the better while remembering that it takes decades for cities to change.

Posted by Sarah Patrick

My daughter

Posted by Stephen Fritz

Problem solving. There HAS to be a way…

Posted by Steven Spieczny

Caffeine, thinking up new ways to tell stories.

Posted by Will Kreth

Everything. I generally fall asleep with a set of challenges on my mind. I am a big believer in keeping a note pad and pen handy at all times.

Imagining my characters.

Posted by Patrick Coffey

When miscommunication occurs between team members and stakeholders, I am preoccupied until the confusion has been resolved.

Posted by Elena Haliczer

irrational and illogical thinking that is usually politically motivated to preserve the status quo.

Posted by Vince Santo

Loud noises and bright lights.

Posted by Chris Tacy

Mostly tactical questions of how to get a lot done, with limited resources.

Posted by Valerie Hoecke

Not much.

Posted by Paul Gladen

My dog, Ruby trying to sneak onto the bed. And 'aha' moments on whatever business challenge I'm working on at the time.

Posted by Jo Foster

Posted by Lauren

Anything that gets on the way of realizing a good idea, and how to get around whatever it is.

Posted by Gui Borchert

Run-of-the-mill existential worry.

Posted by Matt Helland

Too much brain activity.

Posted by Eric Tam

Thinking too much about what might happen or what should happen (future scenarios) rather than accepting things as they are and being in the present. If you can do something, then do it. Now. Otherwise go to sleep.

Posted by John Couch

Mindless worry about all the things I cannot solve. I combat sleeplessness by counting backwards each of my breaths and lulling myself into sleep.

Posted by Ellen Coffey

Caffeine after noon.

Posted by Karen McGrane

Unsolved problems.

Posted by Sasha Koren

My blind spots. Fortunately, most of the action in today's culture is related to technology, which I keep a careful eye on, but at a certain point I get myopic, viewing through this lens. Missing the boat is a definite recurring nightmare.

Posted by Todd Patrick

Things breaking. I have a mortal fear that anything I build will come crashing to the ground. Usually, everything is doubly or triply redundant, so I haven't had a big, live failure like this. However, it really hits me during the design and architecture stages, as I lay in bad 2 or 3 extra hours going over all the permutations and possibilities for what could go right...or horribly wrong.

Posted by John Shiple

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