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Second anniversary, thanks and announcements are in order

Our second anniversary flew by this January, without a whistle or a pop as we, like young parents (up all night immersed all day) forgot to  take stock. So here is my moment to thank the colony, the archipelago of candidates, consultants, Salon members, advisors, cultural ambassadors, clients and colleagues.  We received Valentine cards with rockets and hearts too (awesome).  Thank you.

Like any living system, we are perpetually adapting.   Here are some highlights:

  1. ONE:

    Our conversations with people, the lifeblood of what we do, have evolved into a service, the Career Assessment, distinct from executive search.  We discovered that the conversation is not only fun but of great value to executives as they design their careers. So we super-powered it with our research, reports and recommendations and turned it into our newest offering. Together we envision and execute. We tap industry trends and clarify meanings to identify the components for a proactive career of work worth doing.

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